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We specialise in providing UK companies with staffing solutions for their operational and security requirements
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At GRH Group, we recognize the significance of establishing a well-defined vision that guides our actions and propels us towards success. Our vision, combined with our unique set of values, fuels our determination and enables us to chart a clear course towards growth and achievement. With 22 years of military service and a decade of experience in security and cleaning services, we bring a wealth of expertise to our operations.

Our primary goal is to transform GRH Group into the leading independent provider of comprehensive business solutions in the UK. We strive to deliver top-notch, tailor-made services that meet the specific needs of our clients, all while maintaining affordability.

Our core values encompass the following:

  • Delivering services of the highest standard, ensuring effectiveness
  • Providing customized solutions that cater to individual requirements
  • Cultivating long-term relationships with our valued clients.


GRH Group is dedicated to serving our clients and employees with the utmost care and attention. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our personalized account management program and our investment in staff training.

We take pride in delivering exceptional service and strive to make a positive impact on our clients and employees every day.

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With 30 years experience you can trust us to handle your security professionally.


All of our staff are fully insured and professionally trained to the highest standards.

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All of your recruitment & security challenges, handled.

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